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About the Society

Established in 1783, as the American War for Independence drew to a close, the Society of the Cincinnati is the oldest private patriotic organization in the United States. The Society is also our nation's first hereditary organization. The founders of the Society assigned their descendants the task of preserving the memory of the patriotic sacrifices that made American liberty a reality.

The Virginia Society of the Cincinnati promotes the ideals of liberty and democracy that were at the heart of the American Revolution by awarding scholarships and commencement prizes and by making grants to institutions.  The Society recognizes the valor and sacrifice of the Revolutionary War officers who served under General Washington by admitting their descendants to membership.

About this Website

Terms of Use
The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization registered in Richmond, Virginia (the "Society"), has created and maintains this website to support its mission to promote an appreciation for the achievement of American Independence and to support cordial affection among its members. By using this website, you accept and agree to comply with the following terms, which the Society may change at any time.

Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this website, including all text and images, are the property of The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia, and/or The Society of the Cincinnati, Inc. (the "General Society"), a District of Columbia corporation. Classroom and personal research use is encouraged, with the appropriate credit to the Society. For information on permission to use images from the General Society’s library and collections, visit their Rights and Reproductions page.

The Society of the Cincinnati and the line drawing of its Eagle insignia are registered trademarks of the General Society and therefore protected by law from unauthorized use. The Eagle line drawing may not be used in a publication, commercial product, or other printed or online materials without the written permission of the General Society.

The Society does not collect personal information about visitors to this website unless you choose to provide that information to us. If you provide us with personal information - for example, by sending emails, completing forms, registering for programs or events, or responding to surveys - we will respond to your inquiry or request. We will not share your personal information outside the Society unless you affirmatively authorize us to do so. The Society uses outside vendors to provide certain services, primarily companies that host this website and those who process credit card transactions for the Society. These third-party vendors will have access to the information needed to perform their functions but may not use your information for any other purpose.

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