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The education efforts of the Virginia Society of the Cincinnati are focused on ensuring that teachers in Virginia’s public, private and parochial schools have the resources they need to elevate historical literacy, especially as it pertains to America’s founding.


History is complex and multi-dimensional. We aim to present the story of our country’s founding by looking thoroughly and accurately at the events from multiple sides. We also believe that only through presenting a breadth of perspectives can students achieve a full understanding.


What makes America’s founding unique compared to other countries? Why did self-governance and a republic find footing here but not elsewhere? What is the global legacy of the American Revolution? How close were the colonists to failing in their goals of independence and freedom? What were the key moments that turned the 8-year war in America’s favor? What were the perspectives of Englishmen and colonists still loyal to England? What happened after the English monarchy was overthrown?


We present these materials and animate them with stories of individuals to help bring them to life for the students. By understanding the story of our country’s founding, we believe students will become more engaged citizens and enjoy a more robust academic journey on their path to becoming life-long learners.


If you are a teacher of history or social studies, we have age-appropriate resources and tools that can help you teach the remarkable story of this country’s founding, particularly the achievements of the American Revolution. What follows are some “tools for teachers” available on the website of the American Revolution Institute (ARI), the education arm of the Society of the Cincinnati.


· Lesson Plan Series


· Collections for the Classroom Database


· America in Revolution and Lectures in Liberty Classroom Videos


· Why America Is Free Digital Textbook


· Revolutionary Choices Online Strategy Game


· Teaching Associates Program


· Traveling Trunks



In cooperation with the professional staff of the ARI, the Virginia Society has previously sponsored three live workshops for Virginia teachers: Imagining the Revolution at the Custom House in Yorktown, The American Revolution at Sea at the Watermen’s Museum in Yorktown, and America’s First Veterans at the Fredericksburg Area Museum; additional workshops are planned.


These “tools for teachers” are particularly popular because participants receive professional development credit for attending the workshops, and can receive reimbursement from the Virginia Society for the substitute teacher fees they may have to cover.


The ARI has its own professional development offering, which can be found at

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